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Films in Alphabetical Order


A Dry White Season

A Passage to India

Carry On Columbus

Foreign Body

How to Get Ahead in Advertising

Junket 89

Prick Up Your Ears

Soft Top Hard Shoulder

The Man Who Knew Too Little

Unnatural Pursuits

Whoops Apocalypse

Women Talking Dirty

Work in Progress

Junket 89Richard Wilson.  Junkett 89.

Year:  1970


Stephen Brassett as. Junket
John Blundell as. O'Fred
Linda Robson as. Daisy
Mario Renzullo as. Boofles
Freddy Foote as. Burns

John Barrow as. Boston
Pauline Quirke as. Molly
Tommy Taylor as. Titch
Christopher Benjamin as. Headmaster
Fanny Carby as. Mrs. Trowser-Legge
Richard Wilson as. Mr. Potter
Paul Nicholson as. Birdwatcher
Robert Lankesheer as. Butler
Sonia Fox as. Maid

Directed by:  Peter Plummer

Written by:  David Ash

Image source:  http://www.thechestnut.com/junket89-c.htm

An old classic production from the Childrens Film Foundation.  Richard Wilson plays Mr Potter, the science master stars alongside Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson now more commonly famous for their roles as sisters in 'Birds of a Feather'.



A Passage to IndiaRichard Wilson.  A Passage to India.

Year:  1984


Judy Davis as Adela Quested
Victor Banerjee as Dr. Aziz
Peggy Ashcroft as Mrs. Moore
James Fox as Richard Fielding
Alec Guinness as Professor Godbole
Nigel Havers as Ronny
Richard Wilson as Turton
Antonia Pemberton as Mrs. Turton
Michael Culver as McBryde
Art Malik as Ali
Saeed Jaffrey as Hamidullah
Clive Swift as Major Callendar
Anne Firbank as Mrs. Callendar (as Ann Firbank)
Roshan Seth as Amritrao
Sandra Hotz as Stella


Directed by:  David Lean

Written by: E M Forster/David Lean

David Lean's final film, a faithful adaptation of EM Forster's tale of racism in colonial India, Set in 1928.

Judy Davis stars as a young British woman travelling through India with her fiancé's mother to meet up with her fiance, Ronny Heaslop (Nigel Havers). Dr. Aziz (Victor Banerjee), meets up with the woman and invites them to visit the Marabar Caves. Adela (Judy Davis) suffers a breakdown that eventually leads her to accuse Aziz of rape. A classic tale of racism and social detoriation between British and Indian communities.



Foreign BodyRichard Wilson.  A Foreign Body.

Year:  1986


Richard Wilson as Col. Partridge
Victor Banerjee as Ram Das
Warren Mitchell as I.Q. Patel
Geraldine McEwan as Lady Ammanford
Denis Quilley as Prime Minister
Amanda Donohoe as Susan Partridge
Eve Ferret as Norah
Anna Massey as Miss Furze
Stratford Johns as Mr. Plumb
Trevor Howard as Dr. Stirry
Jane Laurie as Jo Masters (as Janet Laurie)
Rashid Karapiet as Mr. Nahan
Sinitta Renet as Lovely Indian girl
Marc Zuber as Macho escort
Janet Henfrey as Landlady
Anne Firbank as Mrs. Plumb


Directed by:  Ronald Neame

Written by: Celine La Frerniere/Roderick Mann

Ram Das moved to England after losing his job in India. After he comes to the rescue of a pretty girl in the street he ends up pretending to be a doctor. He takes the charade further by renting an office and treating many patients, all in the name of love.



Whoops ApocalypseRichard Wilson.  Whoops Apocalypse.

Year:  1986


Richard Wilson as Nigel Lipman (Foreign Secretary)
Stuart Saunders as Governor of Santa Maya
Graeme Garden as Man who walks to the phone
Marc Smith as Dan Hickey (TV anchorman)
Loretta Swit as President Barbara Adams
John Benfield as Secret Service agent
Ben Robertson as Secret Service agent
Peter Cook as Sir Mortimer Chris
Alexander Davion as Maguadoran general
Herbert Lom as Gen. Mosquera
Daniel Benzali as William Kubert (US Defense Secretary)
Phil Marquis as Rock pit guard
Murray Hamilton as Jack 'Kill the Commies' Preston (former President)
Shane Rimmer as Marvin Gelber (US Secretary of State)
Robert Arden as White House reporter
Blain Fairman as White House Reporter


Directed by:  Tom Bussmann

Written by: Andrew Marshall/David Renwick

A comedy spoof/satire that finds a small British colony being invaded by it's communist neighbour. A task force is sent in to deal with the situation and things soon begin to get out of hand.



Prick Up Your EarsRichard Wilson.  Prick up your ears.

Year:  1987


Gary Oldman as Joe Orton
Alfred Molina as Kenneth Halliwell
Vanessa Redgrave as Peggy Ramsay
Frances Barber as Leonie Orton
Janet Dale as Mrs. Sugden
Julie Walters as Elsie Orton
Bert Parnaby as The Magistrate
Margaret Tyzack as Madame Lambert
Lindsay Duncan as Anthea Lahr
Wallace Shawn as John Lahr
Richard Wilson as Psychiatrist (uncredited)


Directed by:  Stephen Frears

Written by: Alan Bennett/John Lahr

A film about the life and death of British playwright, Joe Orton.



How to Get Ahead in AdvertisingRichard Wilson.  How to get ahead in advertising.

Year:  1989


Richard E. Grant as Denis Dimbleby Bagley
Rachel Ward as Julia Bagley
Richard Wilson as John Bristol, Bagley's Boss
Jacqueline Tong as Penny Wheelstock
John Shrapnel as Psychiatrist
Susan Wooldridge as Monica
Hugh Armstrong as Harry Wax
Mick Ford as Richard
Jacqueline Pearce as Maud
Christopher Simon as Waiter
Gino Melvazzi as Waiter
Victor Lucas as Tweedy Man
Dawn Keeler as Tweedy Woman
Kerry Ann White as Girl in Elevator
Vivienne McKone as Sullivan Bristol Receptionist


Directed by:  Bruce Robinson

Written by: Bruce Robinson

A young advertising execute stuggles to come up with the slogan for a revolutionary spot cream. The result of his obsession is a stress related boil on his shoulder that sprouts eyes and a mouth. Has Dennis Dimbleby Bagley finally lost it?



A Dry White SeasonRichard Wilson.  A Dry White Season.

Year:  1989


Donald Sutherland as Ben du Toit
Janet Suzman as Susan du Toit
Zakes Mokae as Stanley Makhaya
Jürgen Prochnow as Captain Stolz (as Jurgen Prochnow)
Susan Sarandon as Melanie Bruwer
Marlon Brando as Ian McKenzie
Winston Ntshona as Gordon Ngubene
Thoko Ntshinga as Emily Ngubene
Leonard Maguire as Bruwer
Gerard Thoolen as Colonel Viljoen
Susannah Harker as Suzette du Toit
Andrew Whaley as Chris
Rowen Elmes as Johan
Stella Dickin as Susan's Mother
David de Keyser as Susan's Father
Richard Wilson as Cloete


Directed by:  Euzhan Palcy

Written by: Andre Brink/Collin Welland

A tale of injustice and exploitation. A schoolteacher's gardeners son is brutally beaten by the police to demonstrate to other black school children.



Unnatural PursuitsRichard Wilson.  Unnatural Pursuits.

Year:  1981


Alan Bates as Hamish Partt
Brent Anderson as Sunny (Hotel Clerk)
Bob Balaban
Jack Gilpin
Paul Guilfoyle
David Healy
Tom Hickey
John Mahoney
Sara Newman as Suzie (video store clerk) (as Sara Mansfield)
Deborah Rush
Sarah Sutton as Wendy
Keith Szarabajka as Digby Mason
Richard Wilson as Hector Duff
Paul Zimet


Directed by:  Christopher Morahan

Written by: Simon Gray

Simon Gray's comic fantasy comes to life in Unnatural Pursuits where Alan Bates plays a playwright determined to gain commercial and artistic credit for his latest play.



Carry On ColumbusRichard Wilson.  Carry on Columbus.

Year:  1992


Jim Dale as Christopher Columbus
Bernard Cribbins as Mordecai Mendoza
Peter Richardson as Bart Columbus
Maureen Lipman as Countess Esmeralda
Alexei Sayle as Achmed
Rik Mayall as The Sultan
Sara Crowe as Fatima
Julian Clary as Don Juan Diego
Keith Allen as Pepi the Portuguese Poisoner
Leslie Phillips as King Ferdinand
June Whitfield as Queen Isabella
Richard Wilson as Don Juan Felipe
Rebecca Lacey as Chiquita
Jon Pertwee as Duke of Costa Brava
Nigel Planer as The Wazir


Directed by: Gerald Thomas 

Written by: John Antrobus/Dave Freeman

The King and Queen of Spain finance Christopher Columbus in his latest quest to find a new sea route to india.



Soft Top Hard ShoulderRichard Wilson.  Soft Top, Hard Shoulder.

Year:  1992


Frances Barber as Miss Trumble
Simon Callow as Eddie Cherdowski
Peter Capaldi as Gavin Bellini
Elaine Collins as Yvonne
Richard Wilson.  Soft Top, Hard Shoulder.
Bill Gavin
Sophie Hall as Nancy
Robert James as Campbell
Phyllis Logan as Karla
Jeremy Northam as John
Catherine Russell
Clive Russell as Clegg

Ann Scott-Jones
Richard Wilson as Uncle Sal





Directed by:  Stefan Schwartz

Written by: Peter Capaldi





Gavin Bellini, half Scottish, half Italian and living in London working as an illustrator. A chance encounter with his uncle sets him on a journey back to Glasgow to attend his fathers suprise party. Upon the way he meets with some odd characters that could eventually lead to romance.



The Man Who Knew Too LittleRichard Wilson.  The Man Who Knew Too Little.

Year:  1997


Bill Murray as Wallace 'Wally' Ritchie
Peter Gallagher as James 'Jimmy' Ritchie
Joanne Whalley as Lorelei 'Lori'
Alfred Molina as Boris 'The Butcher' Blavasky
Richard Wilson as Sir Roger Daggenhurst
Geraldine James as Dr. Ludmilla Kropotkin
John Standing as Gilbert Embleton
Anna Chancellor as Barbara Ritchie
Nicholas Woodeson as Sergei
Simon Chandler as Hawkins
Cliff Parisi as Uri
John Thomson as Dimitri
Janet Henfrey as Ms. Goldstein
Terry O'Neill as Spencer
Isabel Hernández as Consuela (as Isabel Hernandez)


Directed by:  Jon Amiel

Written by: Robert Farrar

Bill Murray's character is mistaken for a spy whilst taking part in the "Theatre of Life". He must stop a plot to assasinate Russian leaders at a banquet in aid of peace.



Women Talking DirtyRichard Wilson.  Women Talking Dirty

Year:  1999


Helena Bonham Carter as Cora
Gina McKee as Ellen
Eileen Atkins as Emily Boyle
Kenneth Cranham as George
James Nesbitt as Stanley
James Purefoy as Daniel
Ken Drury as Bill O'Brien
Julien Lambroschini as Claude
Barbara Rafferty as Janine
Elaine C. Smith as Irene O'Brien
Richard Wilson as Ronald
Freddie Highmore as Sam
Bertie Highmore as Col
Steve Street as Man in flash car
Jackie Balfour as Midwife


Directed by:  Coky Giedroyc

Written by: Isla Dewar

Ellen and Cora develop an unlikely friendship that is put to the test when they are forced to share a dark secret.



Work in Progress

Year:  2000


Richard Wilson as Industry
Tony Haygarth as Lux


Directed by: Tom Bertino 

A short visionary animation piece by Tom Bertino.  At only 6 minutes long this is a short comedy animation.



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