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17th September 2005

Richard to headline as Baron Hardup in David Ian and Howard Panters Cinderella

'Richard Wilson is starring alongside Susan Hampshire as the fairy Godmother, Naomi Wilkinson as Cinderella, John Barrowman as the prince and Peter Duncan as buttons.

The panto runs from 9th Dec 2005 til 15th January 2006.  For tickets sales call 0870 060 6646.  Alternatively call ticketmaster on 0870 060 1827 (24hr) or visit the New Wimbledon Theatre:


15th Sept 2005

Interview with Richard Wilson Part Deux.

'Richard Wilson is giving another interview for the site, this time in person so keep your eyes peeled...  I will try and get as much info on what Richard is planning to do in the coming months.

27th August 2005

East Coast Chicken Supper wins Fringe First

'Richard Wilson's superb company - Paul Rattray, Paul Blair, Garry Collins, and Malcolm Shields - give the kind of faultless, perfectly-tuned comic performances that are a joy to watch'  For more of this review from The Scotsman click the following link:


To see a list of other winners click the following link


24th August 2005

Primo gets rave reviews

'Grandeur may seem a strange word to describe the modesty, selflessness and accumulation of small, exact gestures that are the keynotes of Sir Antony's interpretation. But from the beginning to the end of ''Primo,'' grandeur is what fills the stage'.  Ben Brantley.  The New York Times. 


31st July 2005

East Coast Chicken Supper by Martin J Taylor (Directed by Richard Wilson)

East Coast Chicken Supper at the Traverse Theatre.  "In a small Fife town, something’s cooking in the cottage at the end of the estate.

Gibby’s back from London and he’s got some explaining to do. AWOL for over a year from the small business selling drugs that he and his childhood friends Fred and Stew set up, Gibby has no idea what he’s been missing out on, just as his pals have no idea what he’s been up to.

With the whisky in, the drugs out and the chicken stir-fry on, the boys do their best to get to the bottom of things. But time’s running out and the clock’s ticking on this small cottage industry. Will this fraught reunion end up a final fling?

Where cookery and cocaine meet, East Coast Chicken Supper is a vibrant, humorous look at young enterprise in modern Scotland."

Tue 2 Aug (2pm), Wed 3 Aug (7pm), Sat 6 Aug (3.30pm)

Sun 7 Aug (6.45pm),
Tue 9 Aug (7.15pm), Wed 10 Aug (10.30am), Thu 11 Aug (1.45pm), Fri 12 Aug (5pm), Sat 13 Aug (7.15pm), Sun 14 Aug (10.30am), Tue 16 Aug (1.45pm), Wed 17 Aug (5pm), Thu 18 Aug (7.15pm), Fri 19 Aug (10.30am), Sat 20 Aug (1.45pm ), Sun 21 Aug (5pm), Tue 23 Aug (7.15pm), Wed 24 Aug (10.30am), Thu 25 Aug (1.45pm), Fri 26 Aug (5pm), Sat 27 Aug (7.15pm), Sun 28 Aug (10.30am)

26th June 2005


Primo is hitting Broadway this summer for 32 performances only beginning Friday, July 8 through Sunday, August 7. Opening night for PRIMO, which is based on Levi’s memoir Survival in Auschwitz, as adapted for the stage by Antony Sher, and directed by Richard Wilson, is Monday, July 11 at the Music Box Theatre (239 West 45 Street).

25th June 2005

Star Portraits with Rolf Harris.  Sunday 26th June, 7.05pm.

Richard is to have his portrait painted by three professional artists.  For more information about this program visit the official website here


Richard Wilson Portrait.

Richard Wilson Portrait.

By Charlie Wells

By Richard Brazier

Richard Wilson Portrait.

By Clare Shenstone

10th June 2005

Check out the new Richard Wilson Quiz in the archive section.

How much do you think you know about Richard?  Our Quiz will test you!  QUIZ

Interview by Alastair McKay

A wonderfully moving interview by Alastair Mckay from the Sunday Herald.  INTERVIEW

Also don't forget to look at this websites exclusive interview with Richard.  EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

4th June 2005

One Foot in the Grave back on our screens:

One Foot in the Grave is being repeated from Monday 6th June at 10:35 on BBC1.  It will kick off with the first episode from the Fourth Series:  The Pit and the Pendulum.  Don't miss it. 

One Foot in the Grave Series Three DVD coming soon!

The third series of One Foot in the Grave is coming soon and set to be released 08/08/2005.  Eager fans can pre-order the DVD from the BBC shop:


28th May 2005

Richard has promised an exclusive interview for this website!  Watch this space.

Richard is set to appear in panto playing Baron Hardup from Cinderella.  This will be in produced by the Ambassador Group and will be coming to Wimbledon this Christmas.  More information to follow. 


Richard appeared in Doctor who in the episode, the Doctor Dances today. 

"Dr Constantine is having a really bad time of it," says Richard. "He is a good man and really cares about his patients but there's a limit to what he can do under the circumstances.

"To start off, he thinks the people in the hospital are simply wearing their gas masks - but later it is discovered that the masks have become part of them and have actually morphed onto their faces.

"All the trouble and illness seems to have started after a bomb was dropped. That started everything off - one person became ill and then it spread like a plague."

Richard Wilson as Doctor Constantine.

Richard decided to take on the role of Dr Constantine because he was very impressed by the high quality of the scripts for the episodes.

"I thought the writing was of a very high standard and very interesting," he says. "I think that is one of the strengths of the new series of Doctor Who - the writing is very good."

Although Richard's two episodes have been written by Steven Moffat, co-writer of the comedy series Coupling, he doesn't get any funny lines.

"Obviously there is a lot of humour in the new series, but I don't get funny lines in my bit - there isn't much tittering in my scenes," says Richard.

Richard has never appeared in a science-fiction series before but he enjoys the genre. "I do read a bit of science-fiction and also sometimes dip into science fiction comics," he says.

"I also like a good science-fiction film, something like Minority Report. I'm not a science-fiction fanatic but I do find the whole idea of other worlds existing exciting."

Source, BBC Press Office.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice

15th May 2005

Watch out for Richard in the new Series of Born and Bred in June.


Also from the BBC download the official Richard Wilson desktop wallpaper from Born and Bred.


12th May 2005

Richards Latest Play, "The Woman Before" by by Roland Schimmelpfennig opens at the Royal Court Theatre.  Visit http://www.royalcourttheatre.com/ for more details.

 A new site featuring more information on Richard Wilson from the BBC.  The site features a quiz on Richard Wilson.


APRIL 2005

Richard is to star as Doctor Constantine in the new series of Doctor who.  Richard will be playing along the new Doctor Christopher Eccleston and the Doctors Loyal sidekick who will be played by Billie Piper.

"I play a doctor in an episode set in the Second World War and am in two episodes," he says. "I was excited when I was approached to play a part and as soon as I read the script for the episodes they wanted me to feature in I made my mind up that I wanted the role.

"As well as the kudos of starring in Dr Who, it was also good to play alongside Christopher Eccleston, because although I know him socially I'd never had the opportunity to work with him until now.

"He's made a very good Dr Who and has brought a fresh touch to the role."

Watch out for him in episode: "The Empty Child" (episode # 1.9) 21 May 2005 and "The Doctor Dances" (episode # 1.10) 28 May 2005

Fans eagerly await the new series with baited breath.  For more info check out the BBC information on the new series here:


And for the not so official but more thorough gallifreyone site:




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