An autograph dedicated to me!.  Signed "For Simon.  Best Wishes, Richard Wilson".


An autograph from a bearded Richard Wilson!.  Signed "For Gary.  Best Wishes, Richard Wilson".  The dedicated is in a lighter coloured pen.  I expect this is because Richard had previously signed a number of photos to save time, then adding the dedicated afterwards before sending. 

EDIT*  Looking closely at this signature, the 'B' on 'Best Wishes' also seemed to be slightly washed out so it is likely that either the pen was slightly weak at first or the photo has been cleaned at some stage. 



An older autograph dedicated to Kenneth.  Signed "To Kenneth.  Best Wishes, Richard Wilson".


Richard Wilson.  Signed "Best Wishes, Richard Wilson".


Richard Wilson.  Signed "Richard Wilson".


Annette Crosby.  Signed "Best Wishes, Annette Crosby".


Richard as Victor Meldrew.  Signed "Richard Wilson".  I expect this signature was done in a large batch, perhaps at a signing session, hence the inky thumbprint.


Richard Wilson.  Signed "Richard Wilson".


Richard as Victor Meldrew.  Signed "For Jaquie, Richard Wilson"  Shown with certificate of authenticity.



Richard Wilson.  Signed "Richard Wilson".  Unfortunately this is a copy of an original.  I do not own this original.







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