A Passage to India

Richard Wilson.  A Passage to India.

Year:  1984



Judy Davis as Adela Quested
Victor Banerjee as Dr. Aziz
Peggy Ashcroft as Mrs. Moore
James Fox as Richard Fielding
Alec Guinness as Professor Godbole
Nigel Havers as Ronny
Richard Wilson as Turton
Antonia Pemberton as Mrs. Turton
Michael Culver as McBryde
Art Malik as Ali
Saeed Jaffrey as Hamidullah
Clive Swift as Major Callendar
Anne Firbank as Mrs. Callendar (as Ann Firbank)
Roshan Seth as Amritrao
Sandra Hotz as Stella


Directed by:  David Lean

Written by: E M Forster/David Lean

David Lean's final film, a faithful adaptation of EM Forster's tale of racism in colonial India, Set in 1928.

Judy Davis stars as a young British woman travelling through India with her fiancÚ's mother to meet up with her fiance, Ronny Heaslop (Nigel Havers). Dr. Aziz (Victor Banerjee), meets up with the woman and invites them to visit the Marabar Caves. Adela (Judy Davis) suffers a breakdown that eventually leads her to accuse Aziz of rape. A classic tale of racism and social detoriation between British and Indian communities.