Carry On Columbus

Richard Wilson.  Carry on Columbus.

Year:  1992



Jim Dale as Christopher Columbus
Bernard Cribbins as Mordecai Mendoza
Peter Richardson as Bart Columbus
Maureen Lipman as Countess Esmeralda
Alexei Sayle as Achmed
Rik Mayall as The Sultan
Sara Crowe as Fatima
Julian Clary as Don Juan Diego
Keith Allen as Pepi the Portuguese Poisoner
Leslie Phillips as King Ferdinand
June Whitfield as Queen Isabella
Richard Wilson as Don Juan Felipe
Rebecca Lacey as Chiquita
Jon Pertwee as Duke of Costa Brava
Nigel Planer as The Wazir

Directed by: Gerald Thomas 

Written by: John Antrobus/Dave Freeman

The King and Queen of Spain finance Christopher Columbus in his latest quest to find a new sea route to india.