How to Get Ahead in Advertising

Richard Wilson.  How to Get Ahead in Advertising.


Year:  1989


Richard E. Grant as Denis Dimbleby Bagley
Rachel Ward as Julia Bagley
Richard Wilson as John Bristol, Bagley's Boss
Jacqueline Tong as Penny Wheelstock
John Shrapnel as Psychiatrist
Susan Wooldridge as Monica
Hugh Armstrong as Harry Wax
Mick Ford as Richard
Jacqueline Pearce as Maud
Christopher Simon as Waiter
Gino Melvazzi as Waiter
Victor Lucas as Tweedy Man
Dawn Keeler as Tweedy Woman
Kerry Ann White as Girl in Elevator
Vivienne McKone as Sullivan Bristol Receptionist

Directed by:  Bruce Robinson

Written by: Bruce Robinson

A young advertising execute stuggles to come up with the slogan for a revolutionary spot cream. The result of his obsession is a stress related boil on his shoulder that sprouts eyes and a mouth. Has Dennis Dimbleby Bagley finally lost it?