The Man Who Knew Too Little

Richard Wilson.  The Man Who Knew Too Little.

Year:  1997



Bill Murray as Wallace 'Wally' Ritchie
Peter Gallagher as James 'Jimmy' Ritchie
Joanne Whalley as Lorelei 'Lori'
Alfred Molina as Boris 'The Butcher' Blavasky
Richard Wilson as Sir Roger Daggenhurst
Geraldine James as Dr. Ludmilla Kropotkin
John Standing as Gilbert Embleton
Anna Chancellor as Barbara Ritchie
Nicholas Woodeson as Sergei
Simon Chandler as Hawkins
Cliff Parisi as Uri
John Thomson as Dimitri
Janet Henfrey as Ms. Goldstein
Terry O'Neill as Spencer
Isabel Hernández as Consuela (as Isabel Hernandez)

Directed by:  Jon Amiel

Written by: Robert Farrar

Bill Murray's character is mistaken for a spy whilst taking part in the "Theatre of Life". He must stop a plot to assasinate Russian leaders at a banquet in aid of peace.