Whoops Apocalypse

Richard Wilson.  Whoops Apocalypse.

Year:  1986



Richard Wilson as Nigel Lipman (Foreign Secretary)
Stuart Saunders as Governor of Santa Maya
Graeme Garden as Man who walks to the phone
Marc Smith as Dan Hickey (TV anchorman)
Loretta Swit as President Barbara Adams
John Benfield as Secret Service agent
Ben Robertson as Secret Service agent
Peter Cook as Sir Mortimer Chris
Alexander Davion as Maguadoran general
Herbert Lom as Gen. Mosquera
Daniel Benzali as William Kubert (US Defense Secretary)
Phil Marquis as Rock pit guard
Murray Hamilton as Jack 'Kill the Commies' Preston (former President)
Shane Rimmer as Marvin Gelber (US Secretary of State)
Robert Arden as White House reporter
Blain Fairman as White House Reporter


Directed by:  Tom Bussmann

Written by: Andrew Marshall/David Renwick

A comedy spoof/satire that finds a small British colony being invaded by it's communist neighbour. A task force is sent in to deal with the situation and things soon begin to get out of hand.