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TV Heaven



The new One Foot in the Grave TV IV wiki mostly populated by yours truly.


Please update this wiki with all your might.  It still needs some work, but I think that page is one of the better ones on the new wiki site.

A new site featuring more information on Richard Wilson from the BBC.  The site features a quiz to test your knowledge on Richard Wilson.


Also from the BBC download the official Richard Wilson desktop wallpaper from Born and Bred.


The TVTOME Guide to Richard


Full Episode Guides for "One Foot in the Grave, Cast Lists and a whole host of other information on the show:

One Foot in the Grave Episode Guide

Some archived press images from the show "One Foot in the Grave":

BBC Guide

A Review of the show "One foot in the Grave" and some trivia information:

Television Heaven Review

Visit the Official James Gillan Appreciation Website.  James starred alongside Richard Wilson in a wonderful performance of "Peter Pan".  


jRichard as a motivational speaker:


More archived information for the show "One Foot in the Grave"

TV Museum

A short interview with Richard on his role for the show "One Foot in the Grave"::


Article from the Hampshire Cronicle on Victor Meldrew demise in the show "One Foot in the Grave":


Richard Wilson attends Mr Gay UK 2004, Various archive information and Photos from the Event:

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Richard Wilson in "Cluedo" starring as "Reverend Green":


Soho Theatre:


Other Famous Richard Wilson's:

Other Richards

Greenock-Town page:

Greenock Town

Sadlers Wells Bio's:


Hamstead Theatre Information/Short Bio:


BBC Article on the end of Victor Meldrew:


The biography by James Roose-Evans:

Amazon Link One

Amazon Link Two


Greenocks History


A Sense of Belonging.
Richard Wilson - "Glen Sannox was a beautiful place as the photograph so brilliantly shows."

A sense of belonging

Photographing the famous - A Portrait


Too many older people stop certain activities because society lays down rules about what people should do or not do at certain ages.  Each and every one of us has an individual personaand we should all do exactly what we want for as long as we feel able.  It is never too late to start and get involved with new ideas, whatever your age. This tends to keep the brain and the body active. There are plenty of examples all around us of people who "keep going" in all sorts of areas. I personally didn't start my acting career until quite late in life but it has led to very exciting times as I get older. So, I think our motto should be "IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT - DO IT".  I'd just like to wish my personal good wishes to all those who do do it!  (note strange formatting of website. Scroll down if you see nothing).

Age to Age

Richard Pitured with Clive Betts - Labour MP for Sheffield Attercliffe

Clive Betts

BBC and the Open University. Ever Wondered why do we look the way we do?

Open University

The Sweeney as DCI Anderson

DCI Anderson

Stars Preen Their Red Feathers (1st October 2002)


Richard in Born and Bred


Britons Learn How to Complain


The Verandah Restaurant


Keep Scotland Beautiful Campaign

Keep Scotland Beautiful

Free Travel Pass

Travel Pass

Hope for Children

Hope for Children

Age Positive Campaign

Age Positive

Ricard with Sinta from www.sintasworld.com


Richard Celebrates Burns Night

Burns Night

Richard makes presentation for freshway foods


Extra Care Hosing for Older People

Extra Care

Fox Kensington-Chelsea 2003 Summer Fair 26th June

Special Events

Animal Dramatics


Show Business - The Elixer of Youth


The RailWay Bridge Victor died


Your Oxford Article


Teaching Awards

Ann Samuel with Richard Wilson

Please visit the teaching awards web site to find out more!


Richard Wilson, actor: "Hunting is a cruel and barbaric practice which has no place in a civilised society. Hopefully this will be outlawed by the year 2000."


New Deal

A New Deal

War Protest

War Protest

Richard Wilson Drawing


National Museum of Scotland, Actor Richard Wilson is one of several Scots who contributed to the exhibition on Level 6, the 20th century display.


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Fans of Richard Wilson might be interested in visiting the official Ian McKellen webiste:



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